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Forceworks Are you ready for the transition from Hardware-Centric to Software-Centric? Do you ever talk to an “Old” IT person? You know, like 40ish. Man, do they have some stories about how IT used to be back in the day. Things sure have changed a lot. You probably think to yourself “Man, they have no idea how things are now”. How about a “Middle-Aged” IT person? You know like 30ish. They have stories too, and things have changed a lot since then as well. You may be thinking “That guy is really losing touch”. It seems to come in waves… change that is. Well another wave is crashing the beach, and if you are not paying attention, you too could soon be “that guy” who has lost touch, maybe you feel you are already slipping. If you are not on the side that knows that “Cloud is Inevitable”, you are on the wrong side… or living in denial. Don’t believe me? Click the link ... (more)

How Microsoft will Force you “To the Cloud” (Part 1-What)

Forceworks How Microsoft will Force you “To the Cloud” (Part 1-What) Does that headline sound like hyperbole? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, you will have to decide after this series. I have been watching the machinations taking place; both from the sidelines, and in the huddle as a Microsoft Cloud Partner . I have no true “Inside Information”, but I did put some tea leaves in a coffee cup, and this series is about what I saw. I decided to break this up into a series for a couple of reasons, first I wanted to tackle each aspect separately, and second, I can get several blog posts o... (more)

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new Office 365 Reseller

Forceworks You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new Office 365 Reseller I was doing a local search for Office 365 recently as I occasionally like to see who has jumped into the reseller market, you know, “ear to the ground”. I was caught off guard a little bit to see a firm I know called “Thirteen Guys Named Ed”, had joined the ranks of my competitors. But that’s not the story. I met the Jasons a while ago. We were running a series of events called “Cloud for Law Firms” and I was looking for complimentary topics that I could add to the agenda. The Jasons had a cloud bas... (more)

Social Media for SMB Success #FAIL

Forceworks Social Media for SMB Success #FAIL I admit, I bought it. I bought it so hard that I was actually speaking and training to SMB about the virtues of Social Media for the SMB. The reason I stopped ? I came to realization that it was all bullshit. Granted this was five years ago, but I don’t think the situation has improved one bit. As a former member of the vanguard, leading the charge that Social Media will be the primary reason your business succeeds, I can clearly remember the ominous slide that “If you ignore Social Media, your business won’t exist in 5 years”; well,... (more)

Damn you Microsoft!!!

I can hear it, can you? A popular podcaster, Jason Calacanis has advised companies in the past to be wary of launching a technology product on top of someone else’s platform. Many great Facebook and Twitter apps have simply been knocked off by the platforms, and subsequently knocked right out of business. Calacanis himself fell victim as his business at the time was largely dependent on YouTube, and while Google did not knock off his content, they simply made a change to the search which orphaned his content… same result. And now here we have Microsoft. Talk about being dependen... (more)