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A “Meeting of the Minds” is probably the number one challenge in the SMB space, particularly with Business Solutions like Dynamics 365. Am I saying SMB customers are not smart enough to understand? Not at all, but I have learned that a nodding head, is not a good indication, that the words that came out of my mouth, were received as I intended. What we have here, is a Failure to Communicate It really is not an issue exclusive to SMB, and it is primarily the partner’s fault (as in mine). But both sides are guilty. I was on the phone the other day with an off-shore support technician. We were on a screen sharing session, and his accent was so thick I could barely understand him. But, I did not want to be rude and ask for someone else, and we all know that it is much better to simply ask someone to repeat themselves five times. We were also in my home turf, as it was Dy... (more)

Dynamics 365 – Will AppSource Save the Day for SMB?

Let’s get real for a minute. The typical SMB customer does not wake up every day thinking, “How can I spend more money with my Microsoft Partner?” They are more likely thinking, “How soon can I get rid of my Microsoft Partner?” The New Game If you have built an SMB focused practice around Business Solutions, the ground is shifting below your feet. Right now, this shift may be so slow that you don’t even notice it, but before long you could find yourself flailing for a hand-hold. Most SMB practices today are built around “going deep” with a SMB customer, kind of like a miniaturiz... (more)

Dynamics 365 Financials – Over shooting Target?

Let me preface by saying, I am not an ERP Guy. At our own firm, we use QuickBooks, even though we have access to Microsoft ERP software at no cost. Is QuickBooks better? Far from it, but is it good enough? A QuickBooks Alternative? When I first started seeing, what was then known as “Project Madeira”, I remember thinking, “Uhoh, QuickBooks better watch out, Microsoft is coming“. In fact, in those early days, it was presented as a preview of a QuickBooks “alternative”. It sure looked like one. But QuickBooks had quite a head-start. Intuit, founded in 1983 as a personal finance sof... (more)

Dynamics 365 – The Plan is The Plan

When Microsoft launched Dynamics 365, they launched an entirely new licensing model based on Apps and Plans. The community became aware of this deconstruction, before they were made aware of the pricing, which led to some early speculation on how it would roll out… then in November, the associated pricing was revealed. Simply Described.. in 172 Pages I keenly remember sitting through a partner Airlift webinar where Microsoft representatives attempted to explain the new “simple” licensing model. Now, four and a half months later, confusion is still the norm, and few inside of Mi... (more)

Dynamics 365 – My Hopes for Business Edition

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you know that Microsoft is developing versions of their Dynamics 365 business applications, that are geared for smaller businesses. Across the Dynamics Partner community, you are either very excited about this, or ambivalent, depending on the customer base you cater to. So, if your interest is in EPG, you can safely skip this post. It’s Been a Good Week On Tuesday, I had a great meeting with a large Salesforce.com ISV about bringing their solution to the Dynamics ecosystem. On Wednesday, Microsoft presented me the Microsoft Most Valuable P... (more)